Motoko Yasue – Evolutionary Images #3 RF




Motoko Yasue, an impressionist artist, has the skills to create the world as she sees it, and the ability to bring to life the worlds she imagines.

Her painting and drawing convey the movement of light across landscapes to doorways, which illuminate the forms and gestures of her figurative compositions.

Born in Tokyo, Japan, she is visiting Houston to study Art and has attended the Glassell School of Art, part of the Houston Museum of Fine Arts. In 2012, one of her drawings was featured in the Student Alumni Organization Select Exhibition at Glassell. Her oil painting was selected for the 2013 annual juried Student Exhibition at Glassell. She also was awarded a drawing scholarship for the 2014 Fall Semester there.

“Motoko Yasue is talented, her painting currently concentrating on landscapes, which she captures with ethereal transparent overlays of rich Texas-inspired palette. Her skills are clearly seen in these beautiful vistas that often include a sight familiar to all Texans, the oil well. Gloria has been inspired by the vast horizons that we are so proud of in Texas, and continues to paint the seemingly endless horizons that capture our attention so dramatically.”

– Patrick Palmer, Faculty Chair/Dean, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.