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Upstream – Consists of Land rigs, Pumps, Wellheads, Seismic, Offshore Rigs, and Oil Field Equipment & Construction, Platform. Places and things involved in the extraction of unrefined oil.

Midstream – Consists of pipelines and methods of shipping unrefined oil.

Downstream – Refineries, Processing Plants, Refining Abstracts, Storage Tanks, and Refinery Construction. Places and things involved in the Refining and storage of oil.

Subjects – Water, Skylines, Landscapes.

People – General, Cowboys, and Office.

Transportation – Roads, Gas Stations, Helicopters, Trucks, Boats, and Shipyards.

Locations – Museums, Africa, Galveston, Houston, Universities, and Homes.

Miscellaneous – Motion, Flags, Sports, Power Lines, Safety Signs, and Satellites.

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